THEE dress

Hi guys,

Prom gowns. We don’t get to go to pick them out. We do however get to pay for them. 

Don’t get me wrong, my daughter looks beautiful in it. Totally worth the money. Her smile is from ear to ear while she has it on. 

My wife told me one evening that my daughter was going to look at prom dresses that night. I thought, “great, I hope she finds one!”. My daughter is, like many people, quite indecisive. 

About an hour later, my daughter calls my wife. There is some seriousness, then giggling. My wife hangs up and says, “She found a dress. THEE dress. She wants to buy it but is afraid that it will be gone until we get there to get it. Can you just call the store to pay for it over the phone?”.

“Hmm, pay for a dress that I’ve never seen? How much is it?” I say.

“About $300. But she really loves it!” my wife justifies the purchase. 

In the grand scheme of things, I got off pretty lucky as some people pay a lot more money for prom dresses. However, that is a good sum of money for us. 

“Okay.” I say, and make the call.

About an hour later my daughter comes bouncing in the house with a large bag that I assume is THEE dress. She is smiling and babbling about “I can’t wait to show you!”

She looked amazing. Beautiful. A long red dress, one of her schools colors. It was worth every penny. Not because the dress was beautiful, but because how my daughter felt wearing it. 

Lesson learned. Sometimes a bit of financial pain is worth the joy it can bring to your children. And Prom dresses are one of those times.